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Turn Off The Lights

candle refill service

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If you have enjoyed your Turn Off The Lights candle, why not take advantage of our refill service. Its simple recycling at its best, no frills, saves you money and you can enjoy your favourite scent all over again. 

Only applicable for JARS* (see below full list). 

How it works - 


Step 1. Please order according to your container and pick your favourite fragrance. At checkout you will be charged postage or local delivery according to your preference, please note this payment is taken to cover having your candle returned to you once refilled. 

Step 2. Please return your container in original perfect condition, please don't worry about cleaning the jar out we will handle that all for you. 

Step 3. Once you have ordered your refill you will receive automatic email from us with full instructions on where to send your refill container to. If you are local to Herne Bay, we will send you times and dates convenient for you to drop off. 

Step 4. Once the candle has arrived here we will aim to get it filled back up with your chosen luxurious fragrance and back out to you within 10 working days. 


*Jars that are able to be refilled* 


- Honey Jars 

- Clear Glasses

- Discontinued Geo's

- Discontinued Leopard Print Jars

- Discontinued Black/Gold Jars